Corsaro Avio

the Corsaro Avio Black is Moto Morini’s latest creation and even greater is the fact that the bike is already available at dealers in Italy so it won’t be long until it will find its place in your garage.which encapsulate some of the greatest names in Italian mechanical engineering.The Corsacorta Bialbero 1187 cc twin-cylinder has been optimized to deliver 120 hp to the shaft and offer a fullbodied

But it seems that Moto Morini intends to twist the saying and have the performance of a Japanese naked bike apart from its extraordinary styling. In order to do that it relies on the Bialbero CorsaCortaengine which produces 120 hp. fluid thrust at low rpms. The features of the engine match the qualities of the chassis and components,. The result is a spunky naked bike with an ambition of being competitive in all areas including price.Moto Morini worked its magic on this brand new model showing that even the best can look better. As a result, the Black Pirate Avio, saddle and frame with red and black superstructure features the same technical characteristics of the Avio as well as the 10, 770 Euro price.

It is clear that we’ll be seeing more and more of these models and the spirited naked will definitely not pass unnoticed, especially after reading this. Designed by Corsaro Marbese Design, the Black version enhances an even sportier look. It is all due to its compact tube frame which lets the Bialberto CorsaCorta engine look imposing underneath the stylish gas tank. A perfect balance of twists and tension characterizes all the trappings starting with the front fairing, continuing with the tank and finishing with the saddle. The bike’s lines speak about the way Italians design bikes and remind us of the smart saying that if Japanese bikes would have looked as well as the Italian ones, there will be absolutely perfect.